magicplan Cloud Overview

Learn what features you can access and edit in the magicplan Cloud.

The magicplan Cloud can be accessed through any browser and can be used to manage your account and profile settings, billing information, and Workspaces & Teams.

ℹ️ Note: At this time floor plans cannot be edited in the magicplan Cloud; they can only be created, viewed, and downloaded.

Cloud Overview: 


Price Lists & Custom Forms: 

  • Create and manage your price lists available with an Estimate subscription
  • Upload and edit your custom forms available with an Estimate or Report subscription

Members, Teams & Statistics: 

  • Create and manage your Workspace or Team
  • View different Workspaces and Teams you are a part of 
  • Add, Edit, or Remove Workspace members (for admins or owners only)
  • Review Workspace statistics on the Statistics page (for admins or owners only, includes the number of projects created and exported by each member over time) 
  • Export Workspace Statistics to a CSV file (for admins or owners only)


ℹ️ Note: If you have purchased your subscription through the magicplan app, you will need to log into your Apple Store or Google Play Store account to manage your subscription.

Settings :

  • Change your workspace name 
  • Customize your export button
  • Update the export configuration for all Workspace members 
  • Delete a Workspace 

Company Profile 

  • Enter your company branding and information to make exports and projects cohesive

API & Integrations