Estimate Plan

Automatically calculate pricing for quick and accurate project estimates with the Estimate plan.

The Estimate subscription plan is available on a monthly or annual payment cycle. With this plan, you have access to all magicplan features, including the ability to create price lists to build out project estimates for clients.

Learn about what's included below.

Measuring and Sketching




  • Manage Workspace projects, files, users, and permissions
  • Comment on other users' projects in the cloud
  • Share custom form templates & custom objects with Workspace members
  • Share custom price lists with Workspace members

Integrations & API

Cloud Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support do I get with the Estimate plan?

Access our online Help Center and reach out to our support team via email. If you subscribe to the Estimate plan, your questions will be prioritized by our agents.

Customers in North America get access to a customer support hotline for phone support.

ℹ️ Note: To ensure a prompt and efficient response, please make sure to include the email address linked to your magicplan account.

How much does an Estimate subscription cost?

Visit our website to check local pricing.

I’m interested in purchasing a subscription for multiple team members. Is there anyone I can speak to?

Yes, please reach out to our sales team via our website.

Can I try the Estimate plan for free?

Absolutely! Create a free account (no credit card required) and get access to two projects, including all features. Try it at your own pace; there's no time limit. Read more here.