Access and Manage Your Invoices

Learn how to access and manage your invoices in the Billing Settings on the Cloud.

ℹ️ Note:

  • Invoices are only available for purchases made through the magicplan website or the magicplan cloud.
  • If you have purchased a subscription in the app, please check your Apple or Google Play account for further information.
  • Only Workspace owners or admins have access to invoices. 

Magicplan’s subscriptions are active from the day of purchase, meaning the day you purchase your subscription, you will be billed a month or a year later on the same date. 

How to access your magicplan invoices: 

  1. Enter the magicplan cloud. 
  2. Click the “Billing” option on the left side of your dashboard. 
  3. Once on the Billing settings page, you will see your invoices at the bottom. 
  4. Click “Details” to the right of the specific invoice to see a breakdown of your payments.

Access Invoice (cloud)

ℹ️ Note: In your billing settings, you can also update your payment method, billing address, and VAT ID. Learn how to update your billing information here. 

If you have any questions about your magicplan invoices, contact magicplan support for further assistance.