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How Do I Switch Between Workspaces and Teams in the App and Cloud?

How to select the right Workspace or Team to work on collaboration projects.

To learn more about Workspaces and Teams, check out our article or magicplan Blog!

Switch Workspace or Team in the App

The name of the Workspace or Team you are currently working in is displayed at the top of the app home screen in bold text. To switch to a different Workspace or Team, follow these steps:

  • Tap the arrow next to the Workspace or Team name; a popup menu will appear.
  • Select the Workspace or Team you want to switch to.
  • iOS, tap "Switch"; Android, switch happens automatically. 

Switching Workspaces

ℹ️ Notes: Steps apply to all mobile or tablet devices (Android or Apple) with the magicplan app. 

Switch Workspace or Team in the Cloud

To switch to a different Workspace in the magicplan Cloud, follow these steps:

  • Hover over "Profile" in the lower left corner. 
  • Click the drop-down under "Select Workspace" and click the name of the Workspace you want to switch to. 
  • You will see the projects that belong to that particular Workspace. 

If you want to only see projects that belong to a Team within a Workspace, follow these steps:

  • Click "Projects" from the side menu.
  • Click the filter icon next to the search bar at the top of the screen so that it is filled in blue. 
  • Click "Filter by Members and Teams..." and type the Team name or select it from the drop-down. 

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When does this apply to me?

  • You are part of more than one Workspace (e.g. you work with magicplan as part of your company).
  • You have created one or more Teams in your own Workspace.
  • You are part of one or more Teams as a guest.