Update Your Billing Information

Learn how to update your payment method, billing information, and VAT ID in the magicplan Cloud.

Ensuring that your billing information is up-to-date in the magicplan Cloud is essential for seamless access to your subscription and uninterrupted use of the platform's features. This guide will walk you through the simple process of updating your billing information, ensuring a smooth experience with your magicplan subscription.

ℹ️ Note:

  • Only Workspace admins or owners can view or change billing information.

How to access your billing information

  1. Log into the magicplan Cloud.
  2. Click "Billing" from the left menu.
  3. To the right of your subscription, click the "Manage Subscription" button. 
  4. On the "Manage Subscription" page you can: 
    1. Change or cancel your subscription by clicking "Update Plan" or "Cancel Plan".
    2. Update your payment by clicking "+ Add payment method". 
    3. Update your billing information including VAT / Tax ID by clicking " Update Billing Information".
    Currently, magicplan supports the following Tax ID types in the following regions: 
    Australia Australian Business Number (AU ABN) 12345678912
    Australia Australian Taxation Office Reference Number 123456789123
    Austria European VAT number ATU12345678
    Belgium European VAT number BE0123456789
    Brazil Brazilian CNPJ number 01.234.456/5432-10
    Brazil Brazilian CPF number 123.456.789-87
    Bulgaria European VAT number BG0123456789
    Canada Canadian BN 123456789
    Canada Canadian GST/HST number 123456789RT0002
    Canada Canadian PST number (British Columbia) PST-1234-5678
    Canada Canadian PST number (Manitoba) 123456-7
    Canada Canadian PST number (Saskatchewan) 1234567
    Canada Canadian QST number (Québec) 1234567890TQ1234
    Chile Chilean TIN 12.345.678-K
    Croatia European VAT number HR12345678912
    Cyprus European VAT number CY12345678Z
    Czech Republic European VAT number CZ1234567890
    Denmark European VAT number DK12345678
    Estonia European VAT number EE123456789
    Finland European VAT number FI12345678
    France European VAT number FRAB123456789
    Germany European VAT number DE123456789
    Greece European VAT number EL123456789
    Hong Kong Hong Kong BR number 12345678
    Hungary European VAT number HU12345678912
    India Indian GST number 12ABCDE3456FGZH
    Indonesia Indonesian NPWP number 12.345.678.9-012.345
    Ireland European VAT number IE1234567AB
    Israel Israel VAT 000012345
    Italy European VAT number IT12345678912
    Japan Japanese Corporate Number (*Hōjin Bangō*) 1234567891234
    Japan Japanese Registered Foreign Businesses' Registration Number (*Tōroku Kokugai Jigyōsha no Tōroku Bangō*) 12345
    Korea, Republic of Korean BRN 123-45-67890
    Latvia European VAT number LV12345678912
    Liechtenstein Liechtensteinian UID number CHE123456789
    Lithuania European VAT number LT123456789123
    Luxembourg European VAT number LU12345678
    Malaysia Malaysian FRP number 12345678
    Malaysia Malaysian ITN C 1234567890
    Malaysia Malaysian SST number A12-3456-78912345
    Malta European VAT number MT12345678
    Mexico Mexican RFC number ABC010203AB9
    Netherlands European VAT number NL123456789B12
    New Zealand New Zealand GST number 123456789
    Norway Norwegian VAT number 123456789MVA
    Poland European VAT number PL1234567890
    Portugal European VAT number PT123456789
    Romania European VAT number RO1234567891
    Russian Federation Russian INN 1234567891
    Russian Federation Russian KPP 123456789
    Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia VAT 123456789012345
    Singapore Singaporean GST M12345678X
    Singapore Singaporean UEN 123456789F
    Slovakia European VAT number SK1234567891
    Slovenia European VAT number SI12345678
    South Africa South African VAT number 4123456789
    Spain Spanish CIF number A12345678
    Spain European VAT number ESA1234567Z
    Sweden European VAT number SE123456789123
    Switzerland Switzerland VAT number CHE-123.456.789 MWST
    Taiwan Taiwanese VAT 12345678
    Thailand Thai VAT 1234567891234
    United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates TRN 123456789012345
    United Kingdom United Kingdom VAT number GB123456789
    United Kingdom Northern Ireland VAT number XI123456789
    United States United States EIN 12-3456789


    If you have any questions about your magicplan invoices, contact magicplan support for further assistance.