How to Edit Company Profile Information

Edit or Update your company's profile information in the app or the cloud.

The "Company Profile" is crucial for branding documents that you share with clients, stakeholders, and team members. This guide outlines the steps to keep your company's information current and represent your brand identity accurately.

Please keep in mind that "Company Profile" information and permissions will vary if you are a member of a Workspaces or Team.

Editing "Company Information" in the magicplan Cloud:

  • Log into the magicplan cloud
  • Select "Company Profile" from the left-side menu
  • Make sure you've selected the Workspace/Team that you want to update
  • Add your own logo by selecting a saved file under "Logo"
  • Add all the necessary information under "Company Details" and click on "Save"
  • Add your own watermark under "Watermark"
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Editing "Company Information" in the magicplan app:

  • Go to "Account" from the top-right of the home screen
  • Select "Company Information"
  • Fill out all the information you want to be shown on your exported plans. Add a logo and your watermark by taking a picture or selecting one from your camera roll
  • The next time you export your project, your information will be shown on the document

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If you are a member of a Workspace or Team please read below: 

  • Each Workspace and Team will have a dedicated "Company Profile" 
    • Documents exported within a Workspace will display the “Company Profile” information assigned to that Workspace
    • Documents exported within a Team will display the “Company Profile” information assigned to that Team

Workspace / Team Permissions:

  • Members of Workspaces and Teams can see the Company Profile information but have no permission to edit it
  • Team Admins can make edits to the Company Profile of the Team that they are a part of, but cannot make changes to the Workspace Company Profile
  • Workspace Owners and Admins can make edits to Company Profile information for both the Team and the Workspace