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Add, Edit, and Remove Workspace Members

In your Workspace, you can add members, edit roles and re-organise your available seats.

Once you've purchased enough seats for your Workspace, you can assign them to any user you'd like to invite.

  • Log into your magicplan Cloud and go to 'Members' on your left
  • Select 'Invite members'
  • Type in the email of the member you would like to invite
  • When they then receive the invite, they can select it and navigate into the Workspace


  • You can then change roles for your members and promote them to Admin of your Workspace.


  • Or, you can withdraw their Admin permissions:


  • You can also remove the Member from your Workspace completely:

Once you do this, all projects created by this member in your Workspace will then be moved over to the Admin. 


If you have any other questions about your Workspaces and Teams, let us know at support@magicplan.app.