magicplan app vs. magicplan Cloud

Learn the difference in capabilities between the magicplan app and cloud.


Feature included magicplan App magicplan Cloud
Create and edit projects ☑️  
View plans in 2D, 3D and elevation view ☑️    ☑️
Export & Download Files ☑️                      ☑️
Share Projects ☑️ ☑️
Manage Workspaces and Teams      ☑️
Manage Account & Billing   ☑️


The app and cloud are two ways to access magicplan; however, there are some differences in their functionality and features. The magicplan app is used to edit floor plans while the magicplan cloud is used more for administrative functionalities. 

Learn more about what you can access in both the magicplan app and cloud below. 

Specific Functions of the magicplan Cloud: 

Learn more about the magicplan cloud here.

Specific Functions of the magicplan App: 

Shared Functions of the magicplan App & Cloud 

  • My Account (App) / Your Account (Cloud)
  • Subscriptions (App) / Billing (Cloud)

ℹ️ Note: 

If you have purchased your subscription through the magicplan app you will need to log into your Apple Store or Google Play Store account to manage your subscription.