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How to View Your 3D Floor Plan in the magicplan Cloud

Enhance engagement with architectural designs by viewing your project as a 3D model.

The magicplan Cloud's 3D viewing capability brings floor plans to life, allowing users to gain a realistic understanding of the layout, proportions, and spatial relationships within a building.

This immersive experience helps architects, designers, and clients to visualize the final product accurately, making it easier to communicate ideas, identify potential design challenges, and ensure optimal space utilization.

ℹ️ Note:

  • Before viewing your floor plan in 3D, make sure your rooms are properly assembled together. Otherwise, the 3D view can display incorrectly. 
  • If rooms overlap, the 2D view will mark the affected area with grey lines and the 3D view will show the area covered by a grey "shadow" (parts of the ceiling will be displayed in black).

How to access your floor plan in 3D on the cloud: 

  1. From the app, upload your project to the magicplan Cloud.
  2. Log in to the magicplan Cloud and select the floor plan you want to view from the "Projects" section. 
  3. Choose the floor you want to view by clicking the drop-down menu in the screen's lower left corner. Note: If your project has only one floor level, you will not see this option.
  4. Click "3D" from the menu in the screen's lower left corner.
  5. How to navigate your 3D model with a mouse:
    1. Use your mouse's scroll to zoom in or out.
    1. Using the left-click on your mouse, click and drag to move the model up and down or side to side. 
    2. Use the right-click on your mouse to move the entire model within the editing screen. 
  1. How to navigate your 3D model with a touchscreen device: 
    1. Use one finger to turn the entire model. 
    2. Use two fingers to zoom in and out and to move the entire model within the editing screen.

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