The magicplan Menu Structure

Use this guide to find your way in the magicplan app.

magicplan has different project levels and contextual menus. Here is a brief explanation of the menu structure to help you to find your way in the app!

Home Screen

The Home Screen is the first screen you see when logging in and opening the magicplan app. 

Learn what the different home screen symbols mean here.

  • Find all of your floor plan projects saved locally on your device and in the cloud.
    • Tap on the Filter icon (iOS: Button will be in the top left corner / Android: Button will be in the top right corner)
    • From here you can choose to show projects only on your "Device" or to show projects on your "Device & Cloud" 
  • Manage your projects by tapping and holding on the specific project, a pop-up menu will appear allowing you to: 

    • Upload or download your project from the cloud
    • Duplicate or delete your project
    • Move your project to a different workspace
    • Access the project's details
  • Create a new project by tapping the plus sign (+).
    (iOS: Found in the upper right corner / Android: Found in the bottom right corner) 
  • Use the workspace filter found under the search bar to switch between your Workspace or Team. 
  • Tap the profile icon labeled "My Account" on the bottom navigation bar to access your app and account settings. 

Menu Structure - Home Screen

Project Level

Tap a project from the Home Screen to get to the project level. 

The magicplan Menu Structure (project level) 

Floor Level

Tap a floor from the project level to get to the floor level. 

The magicplan Menu Structure(floor level)

Room Level

Tap a room from the floor level to get to the room level. 

the magicplan menu structure (room level)

Object Level

Tap an object in the room to get to the object level. 

  • See and edit object details, such as measurements, price, and photos & notes.
  • Duplicate or delete the object. 
  • Measure the distance between the selected object and another object or wall.
  • It is important to note that you can also see and edit details about your walls by tapping a wall in the room! 

the magicplan menu structure (object level)

ℹ️ Note: Don't forget that practically everything in magicplan has a details section, identified by the "i" symbol, for you to add valuable information.

💡 Tip: The more detail you add to your project, the better your exports will be!