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Merge Rooms

Learn how to merge two rooms together.

Room merging in Magicplan enables you to virtually combine two or more adjacent rooms into a single, unified space. This feature is especially useful when you want to create open-concept layouts or redefine the boundaries of existing rooms. By merging rooms, you can visualize the flow of your design more effectively and make informed decisions about furniture placement and overall aesthetics.

ℹ️ Note: Before merging your rooms together, make sure that you have assembled your rooms to create a complete floor plan. 

How to merge two rooms: 

  1. Enter your floor plan and tap the room you would like to merge with another room. 
  2. From the menu, tap the "Edit Layout" button
    1. on a tablet, the button will appear on the left side 
    2. on a mobile device, the button will appear in the bottom navigation bar 
  3. From the same menu tap the "Merge Rooms" button. Rooms ready to merge will have a green arrow over them. 
  4. Tap the green arrow in the room you want to merge. The two rooms will then merge into one. 

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