Details, Photos & Notes, and Forms

Using the Details, Photos & Notes, and Forms section in the magicplan app.

The Details, Photos & Notes, and Forms section in the magicplan app has all the necessary information you need for the object, dimensions, room, or floor you have selected.


DetailsKBPt1Details View

Above is an example of what the new user interface looks like on a floor level. As you can see, under the Details section you still have all of your pertinent statistic information and ceiling height/wall thickness information.


Photos & Notes

Photos & Notes is probably the most self-explanatory section of the new interface. Simply put - anything related to notes or photos that you add to a project, floor, room, object, or wall will be located right here in this section. Easy, right?!



Last, but certainly not least, is our Forms section. In this section you can create Custom Forms directly within a project and also access any predefined Custom Forms setup within the magicplan Cloud