Create Custom Attributes

Add more detail to your floor plan with Custom Attributes.

Setting up Custom Attributes is similar to Custom Forms, so what is the difference between the two features? Custom Forms are designed to create short and long templates for inspection and reporting processes. Whereas, Custom Attributes allow you to add instant details to your floor plan that are frequently required. From the magicplan Cloud, you can create fields to be added to the details section of your project, floors, walls, rooms, and/or objects. 

Here we walk you through how to add Custom Attributes to your Workspace or Team and examples of how to use Custom Attributes.

ℹ️ Note: Custom Attributes are only available with the Report & Estimate subscription tiers and for free users. 

Add Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes are first created in the magicplan Cloud, then published to your Workspace or Team in the app. Learn how to set up a Custom Attributes group, create an attribute, and access the Custom Attributes group from a project in the app. 

Create an Attribute

Set up:

  1. Login to the magicplan Cloud.
  2. Click "Custom Attributes" from the left side menu. 
  3. Click the "Create Custom Attributes group" button to create a new attribute, or "Edit" to update one that has already been created. 
  4. Change the name of the attributes group and what you want to apply it to by clicking the pencil icon next to the name and "Apply this Custom Attributes group to". An attributes group can be applied to:
    1. Project - overall project
    2. All Floors - all floors within a project
    3. All Walls - all walls within a project
    4. All Rooms - all rooms or select certain rooms by clicking the arrow next to this option
    5. Categories & Objects - select entire object categories or objects within them by clicking the arrow next to each option (includes custom objects created using our Custom Object Manager)

ℹ️ Note: Only one Custom Attribute group can be applied to each of the options mentioned above.


Add & publish attributes:

  1. Click the "Add attribute" button.
  2. Select the question type from the drop-down on the right. Question types include:
    1. Yes / No
    2. List - Only able to select one option
    3. Multi-select - Able to select multiple options
    4. Text
    5. Distance - Includes imperial and metric units
    6. Number
    7. Photo - Allows you to add photos from your device photo gallery or take one on-site
    8. Color - Uses color selector of the app
    9. Date and Time
  3. Once all attributes have been added to the attributes group, click the "Save changes" button.
  4. To start using the attributes group in your projects, click the "Publish" button. A pop-up menu will appear; click "Publish" next to the Workspace or Team you want to have access to the attributes group. 

Use Custom Attributes in the App

  1. Once the Custom Attributes group has been published to a Workspace or Team, open the app on your mobile or tablet device.
  2. Open a project and navigate to where the custom attribute was applied.
    1. Project - tap the "i" icon next to the project name on the project level
    2. All Floors - open the floor plan and tap the "i" icon next to the floor name in the upper right corner
    3. All Walls - open a room and tap a wall; tap the "i" icon next to the floor name in the upper right corner
    4. All Rooms - open a room where the attribute was applied and tap the "i" icon next to the room name in the upper right corner
    5. Categories & Objects - tap an object where the attribute was applied and tap the "i" icon next to the object name in the upper right corner
  3. The Custom Attributes will display in the "Details" tab in a section with the the Custom Attributes group name that you chose.

ℹ️ Note: You can choose whether or not to include Custom Attributes data in the Report PDF export.

Examples of Custom Attributes

Here are some examples of Customer Attributes that may be helpful to add for your workflow.  

  1. Add the floor type to all rooms in your floor plan.
    1. Custom Attributes group name: Floor Type
    2. Applied to: All Rooms
    3. Question type: Multi-select
      1. Question: Flooring in room
      2. Answer options: hardwood, laminate, carpet, and/or tile
  2. Add information about a wall, such as the color and whether it has crown moulding.
    1. Custom Attributes group name: Wall Attributes
    2. Applied to: All Walls
    3. Question type 1: Color
      1. Question: Wall color
      2. Answer options: use the color selector in the app to indicate the color of the wall
    4. Question type 2: Yes/No 
      1. Question: Does the wall have crown moulding?
      2. Answer options: Yes or No
  3. Add the countertop material to counter objects.
    1. Custom Attributes group name: Countertop Attributes
    2. Applied to: Kitchen Counter and L Shaped Counter objects
    3. Question type: List
      1. Question: Countertop material
      2. Answer options: granite, marble, quartz, tile, laminate, wood, concrete