Adjust the Ceiling Height of Single Rooms

Improve the accuracy of your floor plan statistics by setting the exact ceiling height for each room.

Sometimes not all the rooms are exactly the same height. Therefore, magicplan gives you the option to set the height for each room individually. These adjustments are displayed in the statistics and help to make your estimates more precise.

Just follow these simple steps to make it work:

  1. Go to the floor where the room you want to edit is located.
  2. Tap on the room to enter, then tap on the "i" that appears next to the room name.
  3. The details menu will pop up. Tap on "Ceiling Height" and insert your desired height.
  4. Tap on "OK" and close the details menu.

All the statistics of your floor plan will be updated automatically.

Adjust the ceiling height of single rooms

The individual room height cannot be shown in the 3D view of your plan.

The displayed height is by default the highest room on the particular floor.

Unfortunately, in the current version of magicplan it is not possible to add sloped ceilings.

You can find more information about our workarounds here