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How to Duplicate Rooms

Effortlessly duplicate a room with a few taps.

Does your project have identical rooms or do you need to change the orientation of a room? Simplify your floor plan creation by using the duplicate room feature. This feature allows you to duplicate an identical version of a room or flip the axis of a room horizontally or vertically. 

How to duplicate a room: 

  1. Enter your project in the magicplan app and tap on the room you want to duplicate.
  2. Tap the "Duplicate" button.
    1. Tablet: This button will appear on the left side 
    2. Mobile Device: This button will appear in the bottom navigation menu
  3. You have 3 options to duplicate your room:
    1. Duplicate an identical version of your room
    2. Duplicate and flip the room horizontally 
    3. Duplicate and flip the room vertically

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