Files and Sharing - Version 9.5.0 Update

Check out the article below for a brief overview of the changes that were made to our Files and Sharing section with the release of Version 9.5.0!

What Changed?

With the release of magicplan Version 9.5.0, we made great and convenient changes to the Files and Sharing section of magicplan. In previous iterations, there were a lot of different options and we took the time with this release to help make that section a little more organized for you!

Below are some screenshots that will introduce you to what those changes look like!


As you can see, the first of the new sections is called Export. This is where you will locate all of your standard magicplan exports - Estimate Files, Report and Sketch PDF, Sketch Files, and so on. This will be the default option selected upon going to the Files and Sharing section.



The second of the two options is the Sharing tab. This is where you will find all your options such as Publish on the Web and your access different magicplan Partner Integrations. 

Want to Learn More?

Version 9.5.0 introduced a lot of quality-of-life updates for magicplan users. Check out some of the other articles below to learn more about the changes made!

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