magicplan Home Screen Symbols

Read the article below to learn more about the different visual indicators magicplan uses to inform you of changes to projects.

What are home screen symbols?

When you first log in to your magicplan account, you will land on the application's home screen. An overview of all your current projects on this device is laid out before you. However, sometimes you may have noticed a small blue or red symbol in the top right corner of your project panel or even a red dot in the top right corner over your Account icon. These are what we refer to as 'Home Screen Symbols'.

Here at magicplan, we use a number of visual indicators to let you know when important changes have been made to your workspace and projects. Below, we have outlined the three symbols you most definitely should familiarize yourself with if you plan on using magicplan to build out a bunch of floor plans.

Update Workspace Configuration Symbol

This symbol is represented by a red dot being present over the Account icon at the top right corner of your home screen. So what exactly does this symbol mean?

Anytime you make a change to something in the Cloud, whether this is a Price List, Custom Form, etc., you will need to publish that change to the corresponding Workspace or team. However, this doesn't automatically update it on all your devices.

Once you have published the changes in the cloud, you will want to return to your device and select "Update Workspace Configuration" from within the Account Menu to download all of these published changes locally onto your mobile device.

Once successfully downloaded, you will notice that the red dot disappears from your Account icon. This indicates that the update was successful and you're ready to proceed with editing your projects!

'Apply Workspace Changes' Symbol

So you've just updated your Workspace configuration as we discussed above, right? Great! Now you're ready to start implementing your updated prices and custom forms in your projects, right? Not quite.

Many of our customers, especially those using the Estimator, need to preserve the data, such as a completed Estimate, created in their projects long after the project is finished. For example, you create an estimate for Project X and have three different line items on that estimate, each valued at $5.

Now you've updated your Price List in the Cloud because the cost of those three line items is now $6. However, Project X was completed months ago and now you're working on Project Y.

The "Apply Workspace Changes" symbol, annotated by a blue cloud with a refresh icon inside of it, allows you manually select which projects you want to apply these fresh workspace configuration changes to. This way, if you have projects that you wish to leave undisturbed, you can simply decline to apply the new updates and you'll still be able to access all that valuable estimate information in the future!

Outdated Project Version Symbol

The last symbol, and possibly the scariest of them all to see, is the "Outdated Project Version Symbol". This is indicated by a red cloud with an exclamation point icon inside of it. So what does this symbol actually mean?

Many of our users edit projects on multiple devices. To take that even further - many of our users edit projects on multiple devices while collaborating with colleagues on that project. These colleagues also might use multiple devices. As you can tell, there are sometimes lots of different people and devices that could be editing a project.

Sharing updates between colleagues and devices in such a situation requires users to upload their latest changes to a project to the magicplan cloud and then download it on the second device before they begin further edits. Sometimes people forget to do this though.

Perhaps Ben begins making changes to Project X at the same time Maria begins making changes to Project X, both are using separate devices. When Ben and Maria started making their edits, they were on the same version of Project X. However, once Ben uploads his changes to the Cloud, the latest version become's Ben's copy and Maria's version, with all of the changes she made, is now in conflict with the latest version.

This would be the situation where Maria would see the "Outdated Project Version Symbol". At this point in time, she will be given two options. Firstly, she could overwrite Ben's version in the cloud. Secondly, she can download Ben's latest version from the cloud and overwrite her current work on her device. The best alternative in this situation would be to create a duplicate of Project X to ensure she doesn't overwrite Ben's or her own work. Then she should connect with Ben and discuss how to avoid this in the future.

As you can see, it is extremely important to have clear communication internally on who is doing what. Most times, it will simply be a single user who forgot to download the latest version from their other device. However, if you work with colleagues in magicplan, having a clear protocol for this situation is extremely important!