magicplan Home Screen Symbols

A guide on different visual symbols and indicators used within magicplan

What are home screen symbols?

When logging into your magicplan app you will notice a variety of buttons to choose from that allow you to edit projects, your profile, or account settings. We refer to these as “Home Screen Symbols”.

We also use a number of visual indicators to let you know when important changes have been made to your workspace and projects.

Below, we have outlined all of the Home Screen Symbols so you may familiarize yourself as you get acquainted with magicplan. 

Top Navigation 

  1. Filter Button:
    • The magicplan cloud is where all of your projects can be synced and accessed. The filter button in the app allows you to see all projects that are on the magicplan Cloud or only projects that are saved locally on your device.
    • Options are "Device & Cloud" and "Device". "Device & Cloud" is the default when you download the app, and it allows you to see all the projects you have created and saved locally on your device and in the magicplan Cloud. "Device" only shows you the projects that are saved locally on your device. 
    • This can be useful if you manually sync your projects from the magicplan app to the cloud, or if you created a project in the cloud that needs to be downloaded to the app. Find more information on Cloud syncing here.
    • Note: The app will remember whether you last used the "Device" or "Device & Cloud" screen, so when you close and reopen the app, it will automatically open to the screen you were on previously.
  2. Plus Button & Search Bar:
    • Use the plus button to create a new project on your magicplan app!
    • Use the visible search bar to find projects within your app, cloud, workspace, or teams. 
  3. Workspace & Teams Filter:
    • Use this filter option to navigate between your various workspace and teams and to see the different projects that have been assigned to you. 
    • Find out more about Workspaces and Teams here
  4. Manage your projects by tapping and holding on the specific project, a pop-up menu will appear allowing you to: 

      • Upload or download your project from the cloud

      • Duplicate or delete your project
      • Move your project to a different workspace
      • Access the project's details
        Project Settings: Tap & Hold 


Bottom Navigation

  1. My Projects & My Account Tabs:

      • The “My Projects” and “My Account” tabs allow you to easily switch between your current projects and your account/app information

Visual Indicators Menu

In the magicplan app, we use several indicators to let you know the status of your projects or account. Below is a chart to help you understand what each indicator represents: 

Icon  Meaning Description
Filter Button: 
Only projects found on this device are visible. 
Filter Button: 
Device & Cloud
All projects on this device and the magicplan Cloud are visible.
Pending Changes: 
Upload changes made on the magicplan app

Changes have been made to a project on the magicplan app, click to upload changes to the magicplan Cloud. 
Pending Changes:
Download changes made on the magicplan cloud 
Changes have been made to the project on the magicplan cloud, click to sync those changes to the magicplan app. 
Tap to Sync the magicplan app  This notification will appear to make sure the app is completely up to date with the magicplan cloud 
Outdated Project Version

When 2 users are updating the same project. If one user uploads their project to the cloud, the other user's project will become out of date. 

Find out what to do when your project is out of date here.

Free Project  If a user does not have a magicplan subscription this will indicate their Free projects.
Tag (2)-jpg Update Workspace Configuration does not apply to this project  When you make a change to your workspace configuration (such as updating a custom form) and this change has not been applied to a particular project
Update Workspace Configuration

Only applies if using app version 2023.4.0 or older on iOS.

Appears anytime a change is made in the magicplan Cloud: 
price list, custom form, etc. Click on this notification to apply changes in the app. 

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