About magicplan

Get an overview of all magicplan features.

The magicplan app can be used on all compatible Apple and Android devices. We also offer a cloud service that can be used to back up your plans and access them anytime and anywhere. 

Download the magicplan app to your mobile or tablet device and get started right away. 

  • You can easily create floor plans by scanning rooms with the camera of your tablet or smartphone or by drawing them. We included technologies like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in our application - mapping a room has never been so easy and fast. To increase the precision of the captured dimensions, you can even connect a bluetooth laser. 
  • You don’t want to create a floor plan from scratch but want to adjust a few details in the existing one? Here is the good news - we have a solution for you. With the “Import and Draw” feature you can import a picture of your plan and simply draw over it. 
  • Assemble your rooms to a complete floor plan with ease - just drag and drop. 
  • Choose from more than 150 objects to furnish your rooms or even add your own furniture elements in the application – you can either draw them yourself or import existing ones from other drawing programs. 
  • Store all the relevant information in one place – attach notes or pictures to your floor plan or even to specific items in your floor plan.
  • Render your floor plan in 3D with a single tap.
  • Add 360-degree pictures to your rooms and enter the property anytime in a virtual environment. 
  • Does your property need a renovation? We can help - with our material and cost estimator. Define your tasks or choose one of ours - magicplan will calculate the material amount and the corresponding cost. If you create your calculation with magicplan items, you can even order your materials with a few taps from Amazon. 
  • Export and share your floor plans in various formats – PDF reports, pictures, statistical overviews, 3D models and so many more. Adjust the export documents so that they fit your requirements. We also included customization opportunities for you – add logos and watermarks and your company information with ease.

Benefits of our Cloud service 

We all need a backup of our work – with a magicplan account, your projects will automatically be uploaded to the magicplan cloud. Just log in with your credentials and access your data anywhere and anytime. 

Note: You can’t edit your plans in the magicplan cloud. We have additional information on and solutions for the computer compatibility of magicplan here

However, the magicplan cloud offers various features which will make your daily work life much easier:

  • View all your plans in 2D and 3D anytime and anywhere.
  • Create custom price lists and publish them in the app with one single click or adjust your estimates. 
  • Create and manage your Workspaces: with this feature, you can easily collaborate on projects. Make all plans accessible to your team members, manage individual permissions and much more. Teamwork was never that easy. 
  • Cancel, modify or renew your subscriptions with a few clicks, access invoices and keep the overview of your expenses. 

magicplan is the ideal app for real estate agents, craftsmen, adjusters, firemen, architects, home inspectors, interior designers, small businesses, furniture retailers, DIY enthusiasts and more.