About magicplan

Get an overview of all magicplan's features.

    magicplan is the ideal app for professionals in remodeling, restoration, inspection, and claims, as well as real estate agents, architects, interior designers, small business owners, and more!

    The magicplan app can be used on all compatible Apple and Android devices. We also offer a cloud service that can be used to back up your floor plans and access them anytime and anywhere. 

    Download the magicplan app to your smartphone or tablet to begin creating and editing your floor plans.

    Create a floor plan instantly: 

    • Mapping a room has never been faster and easier with our Augmented Reality (AR) and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technologies. Simply scan a room with your mobile device’s camera and viola! You have created your floor plan instantly.
      • iOS users can access two scan types depending on the iOS version: Manual Scan and Auto Scan. Learn more about the different scan types for iOS here.
      • Android users will have access to the AR Room Scan.
    • Connect a Bluetooth laser to increase the precision of the captured dimensions.
    • Not a fan of camera scanning? No worries, you can add a square room or manually draw your floor plan in the app!  
    • Want to edit an existing floor plan in the magicplan app? Utilize our “Import & Draw” feature to upload your existing floor plan and simply draw over it.

    Edit & export floor plans in a few taps: 

    • Furnish your rooms with our library of over 150 objects, or create your own custom objects by drawing them yourself or importing existing objects from other drawing programs. 
    • Keep your project up to date by attaching additional notes or pictures to the floor plan or specific items/objects within your floor plan. 
    • Add 360 panoramic photos to each room to create a virtual walk-through of your floor plan. 
    • Render your floor plan in 3D with a single tap.
    • Need to calculate material costs? Use our material and cost estimator to calculate the material amount and the corresponding cost. You can even order your materials with a few taps from Amazon.
    • Collaborate on projects with other teams or employees by utilizing our Workspace and Teams. Add additional “seats” (or subscriptions) to your Workspace to allow employees to access and edit projects all in one place. 

    Share & export floor plans:

    • Export floor plans in various formats, including but not limited to the following:
      • PDF 
      • Images
      • Statistical Overviews 
      • 3D models 
      • See more export formats here.
    • Keep exports looking professional by customizing them with your company’s branding (logo & watermarks). 

    magicplan Cloud

    ℹ️ Note: Floor plans cannot be edited in the magicplan cloud, only on the app. We have additional information on and solutions for the computer compatibility of magicplan here.

    The magicplan cloud offers various features which will make your daily work life much easier:

    • With a magicplan account, all of your projects will automatically be uploaded to the magicplan cloud. Log in with your credentials and access your data anywhere and anytime.
    • View all your plans in 2D and 3D anytime and anywhere.
    • View and comment on projects to enable team collaboration from anywhere. 
    • Create custom price lists that can be published in the app, or adjust your estimates with one click. 
    • Create templates for your inspection and reporting process by utilizing our Custom Forms.

    • Create & manage your Workspace or Teams; assign projects to team members, manage individual permissions, and more. View all member's projects in the cloud to stay up to date with your team. 
    • Easily cancel, modify, or renew your subscription, access invoices, and track an overview of your expenses