Create a Room With the Square Room Feature

Learn how to create a room with "Add a square room".

With a few taps of the screen you can quickly add a room to your floor plan using our "Add a square room" feature. The square room's dimensions and shape can then be adjusted, and the room can be moved around the floor plan.

How to add a square room

  1. Go to the app home screen.
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) to start a new project, or open the project you want to add a room to.
  3. Tap "+ Add Floor" at the project level to create a new floor, or open an already created floor.
  4. Tap "+ Add" at the floor level, then tap "Room".
  5. Tap "Add a square room" and select the room type.
  6. A square room will appear and can be edited via the following options:
    1. Change dimensions 
    2. Connect your device to a bluetooth laser measurer
    3. Add corners to edit the room shape
    4. Move the room around your floor plan

Create a room with the square room feature