Laser Distance Meters

Connect a laser distance meter via bluetooth to increase the accuracy of your floor plans.

magicplan gives you an accuracy of 95%. If you need the full 100%, connect to a laser and get the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool for floor plans. Check here to find out if your bluetooth laser distance meter is compatible with magicplan.

How to connect a laser:
You can connect a laser via bluetooth. 

Do not forget to make sure that:

  • you have enabled the bluetooth access for magicplan. Learn more.  
  • you have set the bluetooth privacy on (for devices running on iOS - a feature implemented by Apple to prevent applications connecting to your device's bluetooth without an authorisation)
  • the device is visible from other devices
  • the visibility timeout has not elapsed (for devices running on Android - open your device's bluetooth menu, tap on its settings, and amend the "visibility timeout" as per your choice. If the visibility period has elapsed, you might not be able to connect the device to another one)

Select a floor plan. Double tap on a room to enter it and tap on a room dimension. Finally, you tap on the Laser button and the Laser will be connected. The video below demonstrates how it works.