Create Custom 2D Objects Based on Existing Objects or by Using the magicplan Editor

Didn't find the object you need? Simply create your own objects.

Sometimes you need an object that is not included in magicplan. Don't worry, there is an easy way to create your custom object. Just follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to floor level or room level and tap "+ Add", then select "Object".
  2. On the bottom of the scroll-down menu you will find the option "New Object".
  3. You have the option to choose whether your new object should be based on an already existing item or not. 

If you choose to work with an existing item, tap YES:

  1. The object menu will pop up and you can select on what item your new object should be based. 
  2. You can edit the existing object the way you want. Change name, size, category, object type, picture and other attributes.
  3. After you are done, tap on "Duplicate" and you can find your customized object together with all the other items in the object menu.

create custom 2D objects

If you would like to create a new object from scratch, tap NO:

  1. A screen will pop up where you can edit your object. Again, you can adjust all attributes of your new object. Of course, you can also design your new object. Tap the grey field with the pen in the background. If you are not experienced with the creation of .svg files, we highly recommend you to use the "Open image editor" option. You can simply draw an image and it will be saved as your object in magicplan automatically.
    If you still wish to create your own .svg files for custom objects and import them into magicplan, you can click here to find out how it works.
  2. After you are finished, tap on "Done" and you can find your customized object together with all the other items in the object menu.

When you base your new object on an already existing one, it will depict the images for elevation and 3D view of the original object. If, however, you choose to create an object from scratch, there will be no image to associate with your object for elevation view and it will not render in 3D. To get your object to render in 3D, you may choose to create one of your own.

You can also edit or delete the created object. To do so go to the object category where you saved it. Then double-tap the object. A menu with all the possible editing options will open. If you scroll down to the bottom of the menu you will also find the option to delete the object.