Scan a Room With the Camera of Your Mobile Device (Android)

Use the camera of your Android phone or tablet to scan a room and create a floor plan within seconds.

By using magicplan's 'Scan with camera' feature, you are able to use your device's camera to scan and capture a room in real time. All you need to do is mark corners, and magicplan will work its magic by creating a floor plan for you!

To get started, make sure your Android device supports ARCore and that the lighting is sufficient. 

Have an iOS device? Learn how to scan a room with your device here.

Now, let's go over how to scan a room with your Android device! 

  1. Open magicplan on your mobile device and go to the home screen.
  2. Tap on ➕ to create a New Project.
  3. Tap on ➕ to Add a Room, then select 'Scan with camera'. Select the floor and room type you want to capture.
  4. Follow the instructions to calibrate your device − aim at your feet and slowly move it in circles.
    Tip: If you aim at your feet and nothing happens, move to a part of the room with better lighting conditions and start moving your device in circles, even if the instructions haven't appeared yet.
  5. Capture the perimeter of a room by aiming at its corners. The green indicator shows you where the next corner is going to be set, a white grid will help you to navigate through the room. You can mark corners by tapping ADD CORNER or you can aim through obstacles on the floor with the help of the white grid. Add doors by tapping “Begin Door” and “End Door”. 
  6.  Finish the capture by aiming at the first corner again or by tapping DONE.

Tips for your best possible capture result

  • To achieve the most accurate room shape and dimensions, stay at the same position in the room during the whole capture process. 
  • If the furniture makes it hard for you to capture the corners of your room accurately, you can also capture the ceiling corners with the help of Sensor Capture mode.
  • You can also just click on UNDO on the top right of the screen to re-set a corner.

Unfortunately, you can neither set the ceiling height nor detect windows during the capture process with the camera of your Android device. This feature is only accessible with a compatible iPhone or iPad. Learn more about the capture with iOS devices here.