Scan a Room With the Camera of Your Mobile Device (iOS)

Learn how to create a floor plan in real-time by scanning a room with the camera of your iPhone or iPad.

By harnessing the power of AR and LiDAR technology, magician's iOS room scan significantly reduces the time and resources required for mapping out a floor plan. The elimination of measuring by hand and the unparalleled accuracy of LiDAR measurements translate to faster project timelines and reduced costs. 

ℹ️ Note: Have an Android device? Learn how to scan a room with your device here.

Room Scan Options for iOS Users 

The magicplan app offers two types of room scans depending on the version of your iOS device: Manual and Auto Scan. Manual-Scan allows you to scan individual rooms either by using wall mode (for LiDAR devices only) or corner mode. Auto-Scan is available for LiDAR-supporting devices and allows you to scan an entire floor plan and objects in one session. 

1. Manual-Scan (Wall & Corner Mode) 

Manual-Scan captures individual rooms using Wall Mode, Corner Mode, or both, depending on the version of iOS device you are using. 

Corner Mode:

  • This type of scan allows you to detect the corners of your room with your device's camera.
  • This scan type is available for iPhone 11 and older, iPhone 12 or iPad Pro, and newer.

Wall Mode:

  • This scan type uses LiDAR sensors to automatically detect walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and outlets simply by pointing the screen at the element. 
  • This scan type is available for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPad Pro and newer. Users can switch between Wall Mode and Corner Mode by tapping the "Wall Mode" button while scanning. 

2. Auto-Scan 

Auto-Scan is available for LiDAR-supporting devices only (iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPad Pro and newer). 

This scan type allows you to capture multiple rooms, furniture, and structural objects in one scanning session.

When to Use Manual- or Auto-Scan

Manual- or Auto-Scan might be a better option for you, depending on the condition and type of property you want to capture.

Here are scenarios where using Manual-Scan is recommended:

  • Open floor plans 
  • Floor plans with glass walls
  • Floor plans with heavy construction
  • Floor plans with lots of clutter (objects/furniture) in the way 

Here are scenarios where using LiDAR Auto-Scan is recommended:

  • Floor plans where you would like to capture furniture or structural objects 
  • Floor plans with a typical or standard layout
  • Floor plans being mapped for inspections
  • Floor plans with no demolition or construction taking place