Scan a Room With the Camera of Your Mobile Device (iOS)

Use the camera of your iPhone or iPad to scan a room and create a floor plan within seconds.

With magicplan, scanning and capturing a room becomes even easier. All you have to do is to mark corners, tap on windows and doors and magicplan does the magic and creates a floor plan for you.


The following steps show you how the new 3D scan mode works:

  1. To use the 3D scan make sure your iOS device supports ARKit and that the lighting is sufficient.
    Tip: If your scanning mode does not look like the one in video below although you are using an iOS device, your Sensor Capture mode is probably still enabled. An explanation on how to disable Sensor Capture can be found here
  2. Open magicplan on your mobile device and go to the home screen. 
  3. Tap on "New Project".
  4. Tap on 'New Room', then "Scan with camera" and select the floor and room type you want to capture.
  5. Follow the instructions to calibrate your device: aim at your feet and slowly move it in circles.
    Tip: If you aim at your feet and nothing happens, try to change your position in the room to a place with better lighting conditions and start moving you device in circles even if the instruction hasn't appeared yet.
  6. Capture the perimeter of a room by aiming at its corners. The green indicator shows you where the next corner is going to be set, a white grid will help you to navigate through the room. To mark a corner tap ADD CORNER. Mark corner after corner, you can also just aim through obstacles on the floor with the help of the white grid. Finish the capture by aiming at the first corner again or by tapping DONE.
  7. After capturing all corners of a room, set the ceiling height by aiming at the ceiling. Once you have found the correct height, tap DONE to finish.
  8. Now you can start adding windows and doors by aiming at an opening. Then tap DETECT. The app automatically captures the location, size and type.
    Tip: If magicplan is not able to detect a window or door, you can manually set a frame and assign an object type.
  9. After a window or door was detected, you can easily choose the door or window type by scrolling through the carousel on the bottom of the screen.
  10. Tap on DONE, wait a few seconds and the floor plan will automatically be created - works like magic!


Please note that scanning a room with your Android device works slightly different.