Scan a Room With the Camera of Your Mobile Device (iOS)

Create a floor plan within seconds by scanning a room with the camera of your iPhone or iPad.

Use magicplan’s “Scan with camera” feature to capture your floor plans in real time. Watch the app work its magic by simply indicating the corners, windows, and doors of your room. 

ℹ️ Note:

  • To use the “Scan with camera” feature make sure your iOS device supports ARKit.
  • Does your iOS device use LiDAR? Learn how magicplan is using LiDAR technology to scan a room here!                                                           
  • Have an Android device? Learn how to scan a room with your device here.

How to Scan a Room with Your Device’s Camera

  1. Open the magicplan app and tap a project you want to add a room to or tap the “ + “ button to create a new project.
  2. Select the floor you want to create a room in or create a new floor by tapping the “ + ” and choosing the floor type. 
  3. Once on the floor level, tap the “ + Add “ button and choose “Room”.
  4. Choose the “Scan with camera” option, select a room type, and follow the instructions to calibrate your device.
  5. Capture the room's perimeter by aiming at its corners. A green indicator shows you where your next corner will be set, and the corner will either be marked automatically or you can tap it on your screen. A white grid helps you accurately measure from corner to corner or aim through furniture and other obstacles.
  6. Finish capturing the perimeter by aiming at the first corner (the corner you started with) or by tapping “Done.” 
  7. Set the ceiling height by using the grid to move from the floor to the ceiling. Once you have found the correct height tap the screen.
  8. Begin adding windows and doors by aiming at each opening and tapping the screen. A green highlight will appear where a door or window is detected.
  9. Finally tap "Exit AR", then "Yes, I'm sure." Like magic, you floor plan will automatically be created!


  • If you aim at your feet and nothing happens, move to a part of the room with better lighting conditions and start moving your device in circles, even if the instructions haven't appeared yet.
  • If magicplan is not able to detect a window or door, you can manually input a frame and assign it to a door or window object. 
  • To achieve the most accurate room shape and dimensions, stay in the same position in the room during the whole scan process. 
  • If you incorrectly add a corner, you can use the undo arrow button in the top right corner to re-set your action.
  • Use the camera button while scanning to take pictures of your floor plan in real-time.