Export Formats

With magicplan you can export your property floor plan in 7 different formats.

Export your plans in your favorite data format.
  • PDF exports with all floors or all floors and rooms. Can even export with annotations you have made!
  • JPEG images (one image per floor level).
  • SVG images
  • PNG images of your 3D Rendering in the magicplan Cloud.
  • A DXF file to import into a CAD software such as AutoCAD or SketchUp.
  • An interactive web site where you navigate through the floor plan.
  • A CSV file you can open as a spreadsheet or as text with all the data and statistics of your plan.
  • An OBJ or USDZ file (only if your device has ARKit or ARCore), or an IFC file to export the 3D view of floors.

PDF, SVG, PNG and JPEG formats can be customized with your logo, contact info, watermark, layout, etc.

Click here to learn how you export your floor plans.