Accessing Projects in the magicplan Cloud

View your floor plan and its details in a few clicks from the magicplan Cloud (desktop).

Accessing your floor plan from the magicplan Cloud is an efficient way to view 2D/3D renderings and project details on a larger screen. You can also easily manage and share projects with Workspace "Members," colleagues, or other magicplan users with a few clicks. 

Below, we have outlined the various buttons found when viewing your project in the magicplan Cloud. As well as the mouse triggers to move and view your floor plan

ℹ️ Note: Edits to your floor plan can only be done on your smartphone or tablet. You cannot make changes to your projects from your computer in the magicplan Cloud.

Top Navigation 

  1. Drop-down Menu found in the upper left-hand corner of the project:
    1. Files:  The magicplan Cloud is the main repository for all files generated for your projects. Every time you upload your plan to the magicplan Cloud, any recently generated files will also be uploaded so that you can easily access, download, and distribute them.
    2. Photos: All photos that you upload to a project in the Photos & Notes section can be accessed and downloaded here in the magicplan Cloud. 
    3. Estimates:  You can view a comprehensive summary of your project's current estimate. If you want a quick look at the current expenses or wish to order materials from Amazon (in specific countries), you can conveniently do so from your computer.
  2. Project Title & “i” Button
    1. Tapping the “i” button next to the project title at the top of your screen or next to a Room or Object to the right of the screen will show its Details, Photos & Notes, and Forms. 
  3. Sharing Button (icon with connected circles) found in the upper right corner of the project:
    1. Share your Project: This allows you to generate a hyperlink for a 2D/3D/Virtual Tour of your floor plan that you can easily share with customers and colleagues.
    2. Invite Collaborators: Allows a magicplan user outside of your workspace to access your project, instead of having to Share Project with a public URL link. 
    3. Export your project: This will redirect you to your project's file page to access and download all files associated with your project. 
    4. Share via Email: Do you have a colleague who also has a magicplan subscription? Send them a copy of your plan to edit their account. 
    5. Embed a 3D model: Copy this link to easily embed a link of your 3D project onto your website. 
  4. Settings Button found in the upper right corner of the project: 
    1. Tapping this button in the top right corner allows you to do the following:
      1. Move your project to a different workspace
      2. Re-assign the project to a different member 
      3. Delete your project

Access an Interactive Floor Plan 1

Bottom Navigation 

  1. View a Floor Plan in 2D, 3D, & 360 + Switch Floors
    1. The project view buttons in the bottom left corner allow you to view your floor plan in 2D and 3D and view your floor plan’s virtual tour.
    2. Switch between various floors by clicking the drop-down menu.
  1. Access & Navigate Elevation View (wall view) of a Floor Plan
    1. To access the wall or elevation view of your project simply select a room or wall within a room, then tap the person icon next to the 360 button.
    2. To switch walls within the room, click a different wall from the map shown in the top left corner.
  2. Project Comments
    1. Click this button in the bottom right corner to leave comments throughout your project and keep track of your comment threads. 

Access an Interactive Floor Plan 2

Mouse Triggers

Here are the various mouse triggers you can use to move and view your floor plan.

  1. Zoom in & out: 
    1. Mouse pad: When using a mouse pad on a laptop use two fingers to zoom in and out.
    2. External Mouse: Use the scrolling ball on the mouse to zoom in and out.
    3. Using a keyboard with a PC: Press and hold the CTRL key, and then press either the + (Plus sign) or - (Minus sign).
    4. Using a keyboard with a Mac: Press and hold the Command key, and then press either the + (Plus sign) or - (Minus sign). 
  2. Move around your floor plan in 2D, 3D, 360, & Elevation View:

    Moving around in 2D 
    1. Click and drag your floor plan up and down or left and right to view different rooms in depth.
    Moving around in 3D 
    1. Mouse Pad: Click and drag left to right to rotate your floor plan / Click and drag up or down to change the elevation view of your floor plan.
    2. External Mouse: Right-click to move the floor plan up and down or side to side.
    Moving around in 360
    1. Click and drag up or down, left or right to view your 360 tour.

       Moving around in Elevation View

    1. Click and drag up or down, left or right to move and view your wall.