magicplan Cloud Mini-Series: Projects

In the first edition of the magicplan Cloud Mini-Series we will cover Projects. See below for more information!

Why are we doing a mini-series regarding the magicplan Cloud?

Before diving into the Projects section of the magicplan Cloud, we would like to provide some context as to why we are doing this. Version 9, released in June, 2020 came packed with lots of exciting updates. One of these exciting updates happens to be the redesign of the magicplan Cloud with an emphasis on Workspace/Team management. Below, you will find information regarding the first part of our mini-series that is dedicated to the Projects section of the magicplan Cloud. Enjoy!

magicplan Cloud: Projects

The magicplan Cloud consists of many different sections - all full of exciting capabilities to make your life easier. The most prominent of these sections is the Projects tab. Upon logging into your account, you will quickly notice that it is the default tab that users will see. Why? Because it contains all the information regarding your amazing floor plans you created while using the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Why is the Projects tab useful?

Within the Projects section, you are able to access lots of useful information. To help you better understand the capabilities of this section of the cloud, we have produced an introductory video that explains all the different capabilities within this section of the Cloud.

2D Floorplan: Much like the mobile application, the magicplan Cloud allows you to view a detailed 2D rendering of your floor plan. This allows users the convenience of viewing their plans from a computer setting and offers them a variety of tools found only in the cloud. For example:

  • Publishing a URL Code: This allows users to generate a hyperlink for a 2D/3D/Virtual Tour (where applicable) version of their floor plan that they can easily share with customers and colleagues.
  • Email a Floor Plan: Have a friend that has a magicplan subscription as well? Feel free to send them a copy of your plan, directly from the cloud, using the email option.
  • Embed a 3D Plan: Want a 3D version of your floor plan embedded directly on your website? We've got you covered. Simply copy the code provided and you will have your 3D plan up-and-running on your website in no time.
  • Statistics Overview: Want to quickly view the floor plan statistics on a project/floor level? Simply click in the bottom left of your screen to easily jump between project and floor level statistics related to your project.

PLEASE NOTE: Edits to your floor plan can only be done on your smartphone or tablet. You cannot make changes to your projects from your computer in the magicplan Cloud.


3D Floorplan: Again, like the 2D Floorplan, we want users to be able to view their 3D rendering from the convenience of the computer. This time, however, there are a couple cool features to make that experience even better!

  • Screenshot your 3D Rendering: Once you switch to the 3D Floorplan view in the Cloud, an option to "Screenshot" will appear in the bottom right of the screen. This allows you to quickly capture an image of your current perspective of the 3D rendering in a .png file.
  • Fullscreen: This allows you to get a better perspective of the floor plan by allowing you to view the 3D rendering, in full screen, on your computer or laptop.

360° Floorplan: This tool allows you to view the Virtual Tour you create for your project if you decided to upload 360° pictures. This is a great chance to preview what you will be sending to customers and colleagues, should you decide to publish a URL code, as mentioned above in 2D Floorplan.

Files: The magicplan Cloud has now become the main repository for all files generated for your projects. Every time you upload your plan to the magicplan Cloud, any recently generated files will also be uploaded so that you can easily access, download, and distribute them.

Images: Similar to generated exports in the Files section, all photos that you upload to a project can be accessed via the magicplan Cloud here under Images. Should you need to save photos captured on your mobile device locally on your computer, this is a great place to do so.

Estimates: The final section that needs mentioning is the Estimates section. Here, you can see a detailed overview of your current estimate for this project. If you need a quick glance on current costs or want to proceed with ordering your materials off Amazon (in select countries), you can do right here from your computer.

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