Depending on your subscription type you can use magicplan only on a set number of devices. While you can use two devices with a Standard subscription, a Business subscription is connected to one device. Once you log in on a device and use a paid feature of the magicplan app (e.g. 3D Rendering, Floor Plan Export) the device is activated. But don't worry - we know that some of you like to upgrade to a new phone or tablet. Therefore you have the option to remove old devices linked to your account.

If you have a Business subscription, visit the magicplan cloud and log in. Next select "Workgroup" at the top of your screen. You will have an overview over all users and the devices associated to their account. If you wish to remove the device press the icon in front of the device name and select "Unlink". After that the device will no longer be associated with the magicplan account. If you got previously invited to the workgroup and can't remove your old device yourself, please contact the admin of the workgroup.

If you have a Standard subscription you can't unlink devices through the cloud at the moment. In that case please contact the magicplan support for further assistance.

To link a new device to your account simply open the magicplan app on it, log in and use one of the paid features (e.g. 3D Rendering, Floor Plan Export). If it is not working the first time make sure to go back to the home screen and refresh it by swiping down. Then try again.

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