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How Do I Create a Project as a Team Guest?

Have you been invited as a guest to a Team by another magicplan user? Here is how you can create a project in that Team.

How to add a project to a team as a guest: 

  1. Accept the email invitation to the Team on your device with the magicplan app downloaded.
  2. From the app home screen, tap the arrow next to the Workspace/Team name. 
  3. In the pop up menu, you will see the Workspaces/Teams you are an "Owner" of and those you are a "Guest" of. Select the relevant Team under "Guest".
  4. Tap the blue plus sign (+) on the home screen to create a new project within that Team.  

Once you have created a project in the relevant Team, ensure it is uploaded to the cloud. This will allow Team members to view and access the project details in the cloud. 

ℹ️ Note: As a team guest, you can only view the projects that you have created within the magicplan Cloud. Projects created by other team guests or members will not be visible to you.

Create a Project as a Team Guest


ℹ️ Note: A Team Admin can remove you as a Guest at any point. As soon as you leave the Team, you won't have access to the projects you contributed anymore.