Adding Wall Objects

Everything you need to know about wall objects in magicplan.

Decorating a room is not always as easy as it sounds. You add furniture, hang a painting, mount a cabinet. A chair can be easily moved and adjusted to a different location, but to move a painting will leave a hole in your otherwise beautiful wall. 

With magicplan you can easily add and edit your wall objects and even use elevation mode to better visualize your results.  

There are a few details to look for when it comes to understanding how the wall objects behave:

  • Wall objects will automatically attach to a wall, hence you cannot use them on Partition Walls.
  • Wall objects have not only height, but also “distance to floor” as a default measure. When adjusting, both attributes combine for the overall displayed height value.


If you want to create a custom 2D wall object, do not forget to choose your “Object type” to be a wall so as to contain all of the default wall attributes.


To rotate a wall object, you would need to select the object by tapping on it once and then tap on “Rotate” from the toolbar. This way you may amend the opening direction of your doors.



NOTE: Do not forget that doors and windows are not only on the wall, but they actually “cut through” the surface of it. You will find this reflected in your Statistics report and would need it for an accurate estimate.