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Edit, Duplicate, & Mirror Objects in Your Floor Plan

Once you have added an object to your floor plan, you can easily edit, duplicate, and mirror it.

magicplan offers a convenient way to manually adjust the dimensions of your objects, ensuring accuracy from the start. Additionally, you can increase your productivity by duplicating objects or mirroring asymmetrical objects. Discover more about these options and the steps involved below.

Change Object Dimensions

No matter the type of object, you have two options to edit the dimensions.

  1. Tap the object and move two fingers outward or inward to change the size of the object until it meets the desired size. 

  2. Tap the object, then the "i" icon next to the object name. You can manually change dimensions such as width, depth, height, and distance to floor.
    1. You can use a bluetooth laser measurer to get the exact object dimensions by tapping the dimension, then "Laser" from the "Change measure" popup menu. 

ℹ️ Note: Dimension options vary depending on the object. For example, wall objects include "Distance to Floor".

Change Object Dimensions

💡 Tip: Edit wall objects, such as windows and doors, while in elevation view so you can see the changes made live.

Do you have objects with the same dimensions throughout your floor plan?

You can change the dimensions of all of them at once, instead of editing them each manually. Follow these steps:

  1. Tap the object and the "i" icon next to the object name. 
  2. Change the object dimensions. 
  3. Tap "Apply measures to..." 
  4. Select the objects in your floor plan that you'd like the same dimensions applied to, and tap "Apply".  

ℹ️ Note:

  • Additional details can be added to an object - find out more here. 
  • If the object is not meeting your needs, you can create your own Custom Objects

Change Object Dimensions (2)

Duplicate Objects

No need to insert an object multiple times in a room, duplicate it with one tap.

  1. Tap the object.
  2. Tap "Duplicate" from the editor menu.   
  3. Tap and drag the object to its intended location.
  4. For a floor object, use the curved arrow to rotate it. For a wall object, select the option to rotate it from the editor menu. 

Duplicate Objects

Mirror Objects

Easily mirror asymmetrical objects within your floor plan by turning on "Mirror Object" option in it's Details Menu. Examples of asymmetrical objects include: 5 Seater Sofa with Chaise, Cube Wall Shelf, or Executive Table, 

  1. In your floor plan, tap on the asymmetrical object you want to mirror.
  2. Tap the "i" icon next to the object's name.
  3. Scroll down in the Details Menu to the "General" section and turn on the "Mirror Object" option. 

Your object will automatically mirror itself in your room! 

ℹ️ Note: The magicplan app will not automatically recognize aystmmetrical Custom Objects. You will need to indicate the object is aystmmetrical in the Custom Object Manager. 

Do you need to delete an object? Just tap it and select "Delete" from the editor menu. Learn more here!