How Do I Use Stairs to Connect Two Floor Levels?

Magicplan has several staircase objects that can be added to your floor plan. Here we explain your options for various floor plan needs.

Add a Staircase to Your Floor Plan

Adding a staircase follows the same steps as adding any other object to your floor plan.

  1. Tap the room where you want to add stairs. 
  2. Tap "+ Add", "Object", then "Structural".
  3. Tap the type of stairs you want to add: Staircase, L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Round U-Shaped, Spiral, or Corner Landing.  
  4. Once the stairs have been added to the room, tap and drag them to their intended location. Use the curved arrow to rotate the object. 

You can find a visual of the steps to take in the article Add Objects to Your Floor Plan.

ℹ️ Note: It is not possible to render two floors on top of each other in magicplan, so be sure to add the staircase to both floors to indicate where it begins and ends. See details about how to create a stairway leading to another floor under the "Leads to" option below. 

Edit the Staircase

You can change the staircase's width, depth, and height by following these steps: 

  1. Tap the staircase object.
  2. Move two fingers outward or inward to change the object's size until it meets the desired size, or tap the "i" icon next to the staircase name and change each dimension under "Measures".

You can find a visual of the steps to take in the article Edit & Duplicate Objects in Your Floor Plan

ℹ️ Note: The number of stairs displayed in 2D and 3D will adjust based on the dimensions you set for the staircase object. It is not possible to indicate the number and dimensions of single stairs with the current version of magicplan. 

Through the same Details menu you can choose to apply different attributes depending on the staircase object you select.

  • Corner Landing - select if the staircase corner has steps or a flat landing. Available for L-Shaped, U-Shaped, and Round U-Shaped Staircase objects.
with steps

Corner landing with stairs (3D view)

with landing

Flat corner landing (3D view)

  • Leads to - select whether the staircase leads to the upper or lower floor. This attribute will change the 3D rendering; the upper floor will display the staircase going up to the ceiling, and the lower floor will display the staircase going down from the floor. Available for L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Round U-Shaped, and Spiral Staircase objects.

upper Stairs leading to upper floor (3D view)

lowerStairs leading to lower floor (3D view)

  • Up Arrow - gives you the option to show the direction to go up the staircase. Available for  L-Shaped, U-Shaped, and Round U-Shaped Staircase objects.
arrow 1

Left up arrow (3D view)

arrow 2

Right up arrow (3D view)

What if my floor plan has a split-level or sunken room?

It is not possible to set different floor heights within the same room in magicplan. You can set the ceiling height for individual rooms on a floor level, which you can learn more about here

If your floor plan is split-level or has a sunken room, there are two options.

Option 1:

  1. Create the room(s) and assemble them to create the first floor level. Add a staircase to the room where the floor level changes and set the dimensions.
  2. Create the room(s) and assemble them to create the second floor level. Add a staircase leading to the first floor, so that the stairs show from each floor. This step can either be done on the same floor (i.e. "Ground Floor"), or you can create a new floor (i.e. "Ground Floor" and "1st Floor"). 

Option 2: 

  1. Create all rooms on one floor.
  2. Add the staircase object and place it where the floor level changes.
  3. Add the "Elevation" Annotations object to indicate a change in floor level.
  4. Then add photos & notes to the "Elevation" and staircase objects, providing more detail for internal and client-facing purposes.