Create a Land Survey

Map the outdoor space of your property.

magicplan not only helps you create interior floor plans, but also allows you to map and plan your outdoor space with the Land Survey feature. Here is how it works:
  1. Go to the project level and tap on + to add a new floor.
  2. Select "Land survey" from the menu.
  3. Tap "+Add", then select "Object". 
  4. Select one of the following options:

Building Layout

    • If you have already created at least one floor in your project, you will be prompted to generate the building layout based on the lowest level of your floor plan. Select "Yes" or "No". 
      • If you select "No", you will free form draw the layout by tapping on the grid to set the corners of the building. You can tap the corner angles that appear to change the degree. 
    • Android device: If the address is added to the project, you can display a map in Road Map, Satellite or Hybrid view in the background of your magicplan land survey.
      • Use geolocate or enter the address manually. Tap "Done" in the top right corner of the screen. The building layout of the ground floor will appear.
      • Zoom in and out, rotate and adjust the position of the map until the building layout and floor plan shape fit. Tap "Done".
      • Work with the satellite picture in the background or switch to the magicplan grid background by selecting the corresponding button. 
    • Once your building layout is created, you can change the dimensions and shape by tapping "Edit Corners" on the lower menu bar. Then tap the corner you want to move (the blue symbol will appear) and drag your finger to move the corner.

It is not possible to scan the outside of a building or its surroundings with the scan with camera feature. This is restricted for interior use.  


Create a Land Survey NEW (1)

Terrain Layout 

    • Draw the terrain layout by tapping where you want your starting point (the blue symbol will appear), then tapping to the next point until you've created the intended shape. 
    • You can change the dimensions and shape by tapping "Edit Corners", tapping the corner you want to move, and dragging your finger to move the corner.
iOS device:
  • While creating your terrain layout, the corner angles will appear one after another. You can set the angles manually by tapping on an angle when it appears and entering the degree. 

Create a Land Survey NEW (2)

You can add a terrain layout to a building layout. After creating a building layout, tap "+Add", "Object", "Outdoors" and "Terrain Layout". Follow the same steps as above. 


    • Follow the same steps as terrain layout. 


    • Follow the same steps as terrain layout.

Other notes to create a Land Survey:

  • Each option listed above can be combined to create one complete land survey. Once you select one of the options, you can add additional ones by tapping "+Add", "Object", "Outdoors" and and the option you want to include.  
  • To set the distance of the building in relation to the site boundaries, you can select either the site or the building layout and then tap "Set distance". Tap the points for which you want to set a distance. Once you are finished, you can simply tap the dimension and modify it as you wish.
  • Inserting objects in your land survey works the same way as furnishing a room. You can refer to one of the following articles on how to insert or edit existing objects or how to create your own objects

If you create a land survey around an interior floor plan within your project, as opposed to making it its own floor, the 3D view of your floor plan will not display correctly.