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Why do I not see the Sensor Capture option anymore?

If you have been using magicplan in the past you may stumbled across the Sensor Capture feature that allowed to capture a room if a room wasn’t well-lit or the textures of the floor weren’t detailed enough.

As this process is quite cumbersome and outdated, we developed easier and quicker methods to capture a room with the camera of your mobile device. Therefore, we decided to discontinue the Sensor Capture feature. Now, we offer you AR scan to capture a room.

The AR scan uses of state-of-art technology like AR and Lidar and allows you to create a 3D scan of a room in seconds. Check out the links to see how it works for iOS devices or Android devices.

To be able to use AR scan you require a mobile device that has ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android). If you use a device running on iOS, you are fine as every iOS device that magicplan supports is ARKit compatible and therefore offers the AR scan.

The AR scan will not be available on all Android devices because some of them do not come with ARCore. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about this as the manufacturer determines whether a certain device will have ARCore or not.

To ensure that the AR scan feature does work for you check if your device appears on this list of supported devices.

Can I still use magicplan if my device doesn’t come with ARCore or ARKit?

Yes, all features apart from the AR scan will still work for you. Also, you can still use several methods to add rooms to your floor plan e.g., defining corners of a room by hand, adding & adjusting a square room or adding a room that fills an empty space in your floor plan.