How to Use Filler Rooms or Walls

Easily complete your floor plan by adding filler rooms or walls between your existing rooms.

If you have created a complex floor plan with many rooms, it occasionally happens that a space remains between rooms. You can easily fill this space by adding a "Filler Room" or "Filler Wall". This will allow you to complete your floor plan in a few taps effortlessly. 

How to add Filler Room or Wall 

  1. In the magicplan app, open your project and tap on the floor you want to add your room to
  2. Tap "+ Insert" , then choose "Room" 
  3. Tap "Insert a filler" from the "Add a Room" pop-up window
  4. Choose from a Filler Room or Wall. If choosing a room, choose the room type. 
  5. Use the blue arrows to drag the wall or room to the empty space on your floor plan. Once releasing the arrows, your wall or room will automatically fill the space. 

You can then add objects to the room or edit the dimensions and details of the wall or room by tapping the "i" icon next to its name.