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Change the Wall Dimensions of Your Floor Plan

How to manually adjust the dimensions of the walls in your floor plan.

After creating a room in magicplan, you can easily adjust the wall dimensions to create a perfectly sized floor plan. You can then manually edit the measurements by connecting a Bluetooth laser or dragging the walls into place. Use the lock measurements feature to prevent measurements from changing when editing other dimensions or assembling rooms. 

How to adjust your dimensions

  1. Enter a room in your floor plan. 
  2. To access the wall's dimensions, tap on the displayed measurement or tap the "i" icon next to the wall's name in the upper right corner. 
  3. You have three options to adjust the wall's measurements: 
    1. Scroll to manually adjust the measurements in the "Change Measure" pop-up window. Tap "Done".
    2. Connect a Bluetooth laser to input the measurement in the "Change Measure" pop-up window. Tap "Done".
    3. Tap on the wall and drag it until you have reached the desired position. 
  4. Optional: Change the units of your dimensions by tapping "Units" from the "Change Measure" pop-up window. 

How to lock and unlock dimensions

  1. Dimensions will become locked after being manually edited. These dimensions will be indicated with a lock icon next to the wall's measurements. 
  2. Locked dimensions will not change when assembling rooms or adjusting other elements' dimensions.   
  3. To unlock measurements, you can do either of the following steps:
    • Tap and drag the wall into the desired position. Tap "Confirm" when the alert message appears. 
    • Tap the visible locked dimensions. Tap "Unlock" from the "Change Measure" pop-up menu. Tap "Done".