Once you have created more than one room, you can assemble them like a puzzle. You just drag and drop the rooms to their right position and magicplan does the rest. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Floor level.
  2. Tap on the room you want to move.
  3. Turn the room around until it has the right orientation.
  4. Drag the room with your fingertip to its position. Green supporting lines help you to find the right position.
  5. When you are close enough to a corner or wall, a green visual appears. Drop the room and it will be drawn to the corner or wall automatically.
  6. Repeat the assembling with each room until your floor is completed.


  • When assembling the rooms, all captured doors will automatically be included to the plan.
  • Please make sure that your rooms don't overlap. If they do, the walls are going to be displayed as dotted lines and the floor plan won't be displayed correctly in the 3D view. 

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