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magicplan Diagonal Measurements

Add diagonal measurements to a room on an iOS or Android device.

Why are diagonal measurements useful?

When building out your projects in magicplan, we understand that not every single room is a perfect square.

To help you get those precise floor plans that you need in a professional work environment, we have introduced the ability to measure and input the distance from one diagonal room corner to the other.

This will allow you to capture the wall lengths of your room, lock those dimensions, and then define the distance between corners. Ultimately, this will allow you to have pinpoint accurate angles in your room, as well as precise wall lengths.

Pro Tip: Setting measurements, especially diagonals, is easiest with the addition of a laser distance meter. Check out this blog post on the 3 best laser measuring tools under $200.

How do I get started with a diagonal measurement?

Simple! All you need to do is select the corner you are measuring from, select the Diagonal option that will appear at the bottom of your screen, and select the corner you are measuring to. From there, you input your value and just like that you're done!

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What are some important things to remember?

  1. When using the diagonal measurement function, it is imperative that you first get all the correct wall lengths for your room. Upon doing so, you will want to use the "Lock" feature to make sure those are not able to be adjusted.
  2. When dealing with rooms that have more than four walls, you will need to do several diagonal measurements to ensure that all corner angles are correct.
  3. If you do not lock your wall length measurements, the application will prioritize adjusting wall lengths over corner angles. Therefore, never forget to lock those wall lengths!