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magicplan Diagonal Measurements

Learn how to add diagonal measurements to your rooms.

Diagonal measurements are an efficient feature in Magicplan's toolkit, enabling you to measure the distance between two points diagonally across a room or space. This functionality eliminates the need for manual measurements, tape measures, and complex calculations. With diagonal measurements, you can ensure that your spatial plans are as accurate and precise as possible.

💡 Tip:

How to Create a Diagonal Measurement

  1. Enter a room in your floor plan 
  2. Tap one of the corners in the room, then tap the option labeled "Set Diagonal." 
    1. on a tablet, this will appear as a button on the left side 
    2. on a mobile device, this will appear as a button in the bottom navigation menu 
  3. Tap on the opposing corner you want to measure to. Your diagonal measurement will then appear in your room. 
  4. Tap the visible measurement to connect a Bluetooth laser measurer or to manually adjust the dimensions. 

ℹ️ Note: 

  1. Before using the diagonal measurement function, it is important to accurately measure the lengths of the walls in your room. 
  2. Be sure to utilize the "Lock" feature to prevent any unintentional adjustments to other dimensions. If you do not lock your wall length measurements, the application will prioritize adjusting wall lengths over corner angles. 
  3. When working with rooms with more than four walls, you will need to create several diagonal measurements to ensure that all corner angles are accurate.