How to Generate a 3D Export

Generate & export 3D models of the floor plans you have created in magicplan.

Bring your floor plans to life for clients and teammates by generating a 3D export. Create files on the go in the app, or on your desktop through the cloud. 

3D exports are available in various formats for all 3 subscription tiers, see which formats are available for each subscription here.

Generate a 3D Export in the app:

  1. Click on the project you wish to export. 
  2. Tap "Files and Sharing".
  3. Tap "Configure" next to 3D Model to select the file type you'd like to export.
    1. OBJ - use to import a 3D model into 3D-design-software to continue editing
    2. USDZ - use to showcase your project in AR by tapping on the file in the magicplan app
    3. IFC (available with Report or Estimate subscription) - use to import a 3D model into Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs 
  4. Once you've selected the file type(s) to export, tap "Done". Then tap "3D Model" to export files.

ℹ️ Note: OBJ and USDZ files will only contain objects that can be seen in the 3D view

in magicplan.

Generate a 3D Export in the cloud:

  1. Log in to the magicplan Cloud.

  2. Click on the project you want to export. 

  3. Click the dropdown labeled "Sketch" in the top left corner and click "Files".

  4. Click the "Export" button next to 3D Model. 

  5. Your files will appear with clickable links. 

ℹ️ Note:

  • The files exported in the cloud will only be those that have been enabled in the app by tapping "Configure" next to the 3D Model export. 
  • If changes are made to the project in the app, you can return to this section and click the "Update" button on the right side to update your existing files and re-download. 
  • If your project has multiple floors, multiple file icons will appear as each floor gets exported separately.

Watch our video demonstration of how 3D Model exports can be used here 👇