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Changes to Your Free Account

This article explains changes made to Free Accounts, as of June 2020, and why we made them.

What has changed?

In June 2020 we made changes to our Free Accounts. These changes will affect all existing accounts using the magicplan app version 9 and up.

Your previous Free Account offered:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Limited access to features
  • On-demand option to unlock features for single projects by purchasing a token

The new Free Account offers:

  • Two free projects
  • Access to all features
  • Unlock access to unlimited projects by subscribing to one of our paid plans (On-demand purchasing options are no longer available)

Why are we making these changes?

We changed our subscription plans in June 2020 to better fit how our customers are using magicplan.

The new Free plan lets you experience the full potential of magicplan, by giving you access to all features on two projects. There's no time limit. Users that need more than two projects can purchase one of our paid subscriptions with the feature set suited to their needs.

What does that mean for me?

As a free user, once the changes on the Free accounts are applied, your account will be affected as well. Below you can find some useful information about existing magicplan free users.

I have more than two projects in my account, what will happen after June 15th?

All of your projects will remain in your account, no data loss will occur. However, after June 15th you will no longer be able to access all of the projects for free. As a free user, you can open and edit only 2 existing projects, or create 2 new ones. If you want to access more of your existing projects, you will have to purchase a new magicplan subscription. You can find all the available options on our Pricing Page.

I want to switch to a paid subscription plan. How can I do that?

If you want to purchase a new subscription, there are various ways to do so. First, you can visit our Pricing Page to find out which subscription best fits your needs. From there, you can buy your subscription either from within the magicpan app or from the magicplan Cloud, by clicking the relevant "Subscribe" option either in the Projects section, or in the Members section.

I have unused tokens in my account? Can I still use them?

If you have unused tokens in your account, you are still able to use them and unlock your projects. Additionally, you will receive the the two free plan unlocks that all other Free Accounts are entitled to.

I recently cancelled my subscription due to the Corona pandemic, but I would like to get back on board with magicplan. Can you help me?

Yes of course! Feel free to navigate through our Pricing Page to find out the subscription that best fits your needs. If you are looking to use magicplan again for your Business, contact our support team to discuss your options.