Why Can't I Connect My Bluetooth Laser?

Troubleshooting tips to help you connect your laser measurer.

Having trouble connecting your Bluetooth laser in the magicplan app? Follow our troubleshooting tips below to get your laser connected. 

Bluetooth Laser Troubleshooting Tips: 

  1. Make sure that you use one of the following lasers supported by magicplan. You can find our list here.
  2. Ensure the laser's Bluetooth setting is on and the laser is visible from other devices.
  3. On your device, ensure that you have enabled Bluetooth permissions for the magicplan app. 
  4. iOS: Ensure that Bluetooth privacy permissions are enabled on your device.
    1. Enter the device's settings, scroll down, and tap on Privacy. 
    2. In the Privacy settings, tap on Bluetooth. Ensure that the button for magicplan is turned on (or green).
  5. Android: Ensure that the visibility timeout for the laser has not elapsed (if the visibility period has elapsed, you might not be able to connect the device to another one). 
    1. Open your device's Bluetooth menu and tap on its settings.
    2. Amend the "visibility timeout".

Once your laser is connected, you can begin scanning measurements in the app. 

If you continue to experience issues please contact our support team for further help.