Restoration: Compatible External Devices

Using compatible external devices with magicplan enhances the ability to document, assess, and manage restoration projects.

Using external devices with magicplan can greatly enhance your ability to document and manage restoration projects. Whether you're dealing with water, fire, or mold damage, integrating tools like Bluetooth laser measurers, FLIR thermal imaging cameras, 360 cameras, and humidity/temperature measurers can streamline your workflow and improve accuracy. Here’s a guide to the compatible external devices you can use with magicplan and how they can be applied in various restoration scenarios.

Compatible Devices 

  • Bluetooth Laser: A Bluetooth laser measurer lets you take precise measurements quickly and wirelessly sync them with the magicplan app. This device is essential for creating accurate floor plans and ensuring all dimensions are correct.

    Examples of use:
    • Mold Remediation: Measure areas affected by mold growth to determine the scope of remediation required.
    • Water Damage Assessment: Quickly measure the dimensions of a flooded basement to plan the placement of dehumidifiers and air movers.
    • Fire Damage Restoration: Accurately measure the extent of structural damage in a fire-damaged room to estimate repair costs and material needs.
    Learn how to use a Bluetooth Measurer with magicplan. 

  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera: The FLIR thermal imaging camera captures thermal images to detect hidden moisture, electrical issues, and insulation problems. This is particularly useful for identifying issues that are not visible to the naked eye.

    Examples of use:
    • Water Intrusion Detection: Identify hidden water leaks behind walls and under floors that could lead to mold growth.
    • Electrical Inspections: Detect hot spots in electrical wiring after a fire to ensure no underlying issues.
    • Insulation Checks: Assess areas with poor insulation that might contribute to moisture problems

          Learn how to use a FLIR Camera with magicplan 

  • 360 Camera: A 360 camera captures panoramic images of entire rooms, providing an immersive view of the property. This is useful for creating virtual tours and providing comprehensive visual documentation.

    Examples of use: 
    • Disaster Documentation: Create virtual tours of properties affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, for detailed assessments and insurance claims.
    • Comprehensive Damage Records: Document the full extent of fire or water damage in each room to provide a clear overview to stakeholders.
    • Client Communication: Share virtual tours with clients to give them a thorough understanding of the damage and planned restoration work.

          Learn how to use a 360 Camera with magicplan.

  • Humidity/Temperature Measurer: A humidity/temperature measurer helps monitor environmental conditions in affected areas. Monitoring humidity and temperature is crucial for effective drying and preventing mold growth.

    Examples of use:
    • Water Damage Restoration: Monitor humidity levels in water-damaged areas to ensure they are properly dried, preventing mold growth.
    • Mold Remediation: Track temperature and humidity in areas undergoing mold remediation to maintain optimal conditions for removing mold and preventing recurrence.
    • Post-Restoration Monitoring: Continue to monitor environmental conditions after restoration to ensure long-term effectiveness and client satisfaction.
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