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Using a FLIR One Thermal Imaging Camera with magicplan

You can now use our FLIR One integration to add thermal imaging information to your magicplan projects.

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As always, you can add images to your floor and rooms in the 'Photos & Notes' section. However, with our new FLIR integration, you can also add thermal images for additional information. You can do so by either adding an 'Annotation' object, or just within the 'Details' section of your project, floor, or room. 

FLIR One thermal imaging cameras can be plugged right into your iOS and Android device. This allows efficient and fast thermal images to be taken and added immediately into your project on site, or later to a completed project in magicplan.

To add a thermal image within the 'Details' section of your object, room, or floor:

  • Select 'Details' from the bottom of your screen, or by double-tapping your object, room, or floor
  • Within 'Photos & Notes' select the camera icon, and make sure to switch to the 'FLIR' option
  • If you have already taken a thermal image with the FLIR One app, you can also choose a photo to add from your gallery instead