Can I Adjust the Font Size in the magicplan App?

Adjust the font size of your rooms in your PDF export.

Within the current version of magicplan it is not possible to amend the font type. However, you can use the "Text Box" annotation object to make the Room names in your PDF exports larger (only available for Report and Estimate subscriptions). 

How to increase the font size of room names in your export

  1. Open your floor plan and enter a room.
  2. Tap "+ Insert" then choose "Object". 
  3. Tap the "Annotations" category, then select the "Text Box" object.
  4. Edit the object's Details Menu to input the room name, and change the font size. 
  5. Once you have added details to the text box object, navigate to your project's PDF export configuration.
  6. Under "Room Labels" select "Hide room labels" then select "Done".