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Why Can't I See Projects in my Workspace or Team?

Do projects seem to be missing in your Workspace or Team? Or are they showing as locked? You could be in the wrong Workspace or Team.

First, it is important to understand how projects are connected to Workspaces & Teams.

Each project you create is saved to the specific Workspace or Team that it is created in, both in the app and cloud. When switching from one Workspace or Team to another, you will only be shown the projects that have been created in the selected Workspace or Team.

ℹ️ Note: Projects saved to a Team will show within the Workspace in the cloud, but will only be shown under the Team in the app.

If you can't see projects in the Workspace or Team you are currently in, the best troubleshooting step is to check that you are in the correct one. 

Follow the steps found here to switch to a different Workspace or Team.

This applies if you have created multiple Workspace or Teams, or are a member of your company's Workspace or Team. 

ℹ️ Note: Every magicplan user has their own personal Workspace when they create a magicplan account. It will show as a free account if you have not purchased a subscription for that specific Workspace.