Restoration: Exporting Reports On-site

Learn how to send your damage inspection or report as soon as it is completed.

magicplan’s export and sharing features are designed to enhance collaboration, improve communication, and ensure all stakeholders access accurate and up-to-date project information. Whether you’re sharing with team leads, insurance companies, or clients, magicplan makes it easy to provide detailed and professional documentation.

This guide will walk you through the steps to share and export your projects. 

Exporting Options with magicplan

1. Export Files

  • magicplan's export files comprehensively summarize your project, including floor plans, images, annotations, notes, and checklists. 
  • Export files include the ability to customize the file layout, include the Company logo, and choose the file type (PDF, JPEG, PNG).
  • This format is ideal for presenting detailed documentation to clients, insurance adjusters, or team members.

Example of use:

A water damage restoration project requires detailed documentation for insurance claims. Exporting a Report PDF with before-and-after photos, moisture readings, and the affected area's floor plan ensures that the insurance adjuster has all the necessary information to process the claim.

Learn how to export files in the magicplan app and cloud here.

    2. Sharing the Project’s URL Link

    • Sharing a live project URL link provides real-time access to the project's details through a web browser, eliminating the need to download files. 
    • This link grants instant access to all project details, such as floor plans, photos, notes, and reports.
    • This method is excellent for quick and easy sharing with stakeholders or clients who need immediate access to the latest project information. 

    Example of use:

    In a water damage restoration project, providing clients with a live URL link ensures they can see live updates of drying progress, moisture level readings, and annotated photos of completed repairs, keeping them in the loop every step of the way.

    Learn how to share a live URL link of a project here.

    3. Exporting to Xactimate®️

    • For restoration professionals who use Xactimate®️ to estimate and manage insurance claims, magicplan provides a seamless export feature to integrate your project data with Xactimate®️.

    • Directly import project data into Xactimate®️ to generate accurate estimates or download an ESX file of your magicplan project to import into Xactimate®️.

    Example of use: 

    For a flood restoration project, exporting the floor plan and damage assessment from magicplan to Xactimate®️ enables you to generate a detailed estimate quickly. This estimate can then communicate costs to clients and insurance companies, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

    Learn more about our Xactimate®️ integration here.