Why is My Project Outdated in the App?

Find out why projects do not update in the magicplan app and how you can fix them.

Have you seen this symbol on a project before?

Outdated Project

This means that your current project in the app is not updated with the version of the project in the cloud. Find out how projects become outdated and what you can do to save your work below. 

How do projects become outdated?

Many users edit projects on multiple devices, oftentimes while collaborating with colleagues who also use more than one device. Sharing updates between colleagues and devices requires each user to upload their latest project changes to the magicplan cloud and then download those changes on the second device before they begin editing. 

Users can forget this process, which results in an outdated version of a project showing on a device.

The following scenario illustrates when a project would become outdated: 

  • Perhaps Ben begins making changes to Project X at the same time Maria begins making changes to Project X, both are using separate devices.
  • When Ben and Maria start making their edits, they are on the same version of Project X.
  • However, once Ben uploads his changes to the Cloud, the latest version of the project becomes Ben's copy and Maria's version, with all of the changes she made, is now in conflict with the latest version.
  • This would be a situation where Maria would see the "Outdated Project Version" symbol. 

What to do when your project is outdated?

Once a project is considered out of date you will be given two options. 
Based on the scenario above Maria could do the following: 

  1. Sync her project to the cloud, which would overwrite Ben's version in the cloud.
  2. Download Ben's latest version from the cloud and overwrite the current work on her device.

The best alternative in this situation would be for Maria to create a duplicate of Project X to ensure she doesn't overwrite Ben's or her own work. Then she should connect with Ben and discuss how to avoid this in the future.

Moving Forward

As you can see, it is extremely important to have clear communication internally on who is doing what. Most times, it will simply be a single user who forgot to download the latest version from their other device. However, if you work with colleagues in magicplan, having a clear protocol for this situation is extremely important!

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