How Accurate is magicplan's Room Scan?

Understand the accuracy of dimensions captured with the "scan with camera" feature.

The accuracy of measurements taken with magicplan's room scan feature (iOS / Android) depends on various factors, lighting conditions being the most crucial.

By using the feature correctly, you can achieve 95% accuracy. If you want to ensure your room measurements are 100% accurate, you can connect a Bluetooth laser measurer to quickly scan and import dimensions to your floor plan. 

Here are a few tips to ensure the accuracy of your room scan: 

  • If you aim at your feet and nothing happens, move to a part of the room with better lighting conditions and start moving your device in circles, even if the instructions haven't appeared yet.
  • To achieve the most accurate room shape and dimensions, stay in the same position in the room during the whole scan process. 
  • If you incorrectly add a corner, you can use the undo arrow button in the top right corner to re-set your action.
  • Use the camera button while scanning to take pictures of your floor plan in real-time.
  • If magicplan cannot detect a window or door, you can manually input a frame and assign it to a door or window object (the auto-detection feature is only available for iOS devices).