Release 2023.7.0

With this update we are improving the usability of the floor plan editor and further expanding the object catalog

Version number: 2023.7.0, Release date: June 26th, 2023

This release improves the usability of the floor plan editor and introduces new furniture and bathroom objects. 📐 

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UX Enhancements

We are on a mission to build great, easy-to-use tools for professionals! To this end, we try to push UX enhancements every month. If you have feedback, please share your ideas - We’re always happy to connect with members of our community!

  • New objects: We have updated the object catalog with new 2D and 3D objects for Bathrooms and Dining Rooms.
  • Provide feedback: The "My Account" tab noch includes self-service feedback options feature requests and bug reports.
  • Improved readability when editing floor plans: We updated the the background color of the floor plan editor and added new icons in the "Add" menu. The next release will introduce more updates to UI elements.


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to keep magicplan reliable, we eliminated several key bugs:

  • Fixed: [AR Scan] "Disable wall mode" toggle goes back to default after a while
  • Fixed: [Photos] Pressing cancel keeps the image, but exiting and returning removes the image
  • Fixed: [IFC export] Openings in magicplan are transformed as a door in the IFC file
  • Fixed: [Objects] 3D issues with some bedroom objects
  • Fixed: [Price List Manager] Items can't be removed from a module
  • Fixed: [Price List Manager] Items keep getting duplicated in modules

If you contacted our success team about a specific issue you faced, please make sure to check your inbox for any updates.