Floorplanner Integration

Export your floor plans to Floorplanner for real-life furniture & decoration.

Floorplanner allows you to create powerful cloud-based renderings and gives you the ability to view beautiful 3D images within minutes. With our integration, you can easily create a floor plan in magicplan and continue working on renderings in Floorplanner.

How to enable the Floorplanner integration in the magicplan cloud

  1. Log into the magicplan cloud
  2. Click "API & Integrations" from the left side menu 
  3. Under the Floorplanner integration, click the blue "Enable" button 

You can now utilize your integration with all of your projects!

Floorplanner Integration (cloud)

How to export your project to Floorplanner in the magicplan app

  1. Open the app and tap the project you would like to export to Floorplanner
  2. From the Project level, tap "Files and Sharing" at the bottom of the screen 
  3. From the "Files and Sharing" screen, tap the "Sharing" tab
  4. Tap the Floorplanner option
  5. You will then be re-directed to Floorplanner's login page where you can log in with an existing account or create a new one.
  6. Choose if you want a new project to be created in Floorplanner or if you would like to override an existing one. 

Your project has been successfully uploaded to Floorplanner. You can now continue working on your design.

ℹ️ Note: You stay logged in - we require you to re-enter your password every 3 months for security reasons or every time after you log out from magicplan