magicplan Cloud Mini-Series: Workspaces and Teams

In the third edition of the magicplan Cloud Mini-Series, we will cover Workspaces and Teams!

Why are we doing a mini-series regarding the magicplan Cloud?

Before diving into the third video regarding the magicplan Cloud, we would like to provide some context as to why we are doing this. Version 9, released in June 2020, came packed with lots of exciting updates. One of these exciting updates happens to be the redesign of the magicplan Cloud, with an emphasis on Workspace/Team management. Below, you will find information regarding the third part of our mini-series that is dedicated to the Workspaces and Teams section of the magicplan Cloud. Enjoy!

magicplan Cloud: Selecting Your Workspace

Immediately upon logging into the Cloud, the first thing you will want to do is make sure you are in the correct Workspace. This can be accomplished by hovering over "Profile" in the bottom-left hand portion of the screen. From there, you will see a dropdown menu where you can select the correct Workspace.

Important Things to Note

  • All accounts with magicplan are, by default, assigned a personal workspace. In the video above, this is indicated by "benjamin.brown".
  • In the dropdown menu, you can "Create a new Workspace".

Creating a New Workspace

When you select the "Create a new Workspace" option from the dropdown menu discussed above, you will be redirected to a new screen asking you to enter a "Name" for your new Workspace.

By entering in a name and clicking "Create", you will generate your new workspace and automatically be redirected into it. From here, you can begin taking out a new subscription or assigning seats to teammates.

Managing Your Workspace

After you are in the correct Workspace, it is time to start managing it. To do so, simply click on the "Members" tab on the left side of your screen. Within this tab, you will see lots of administrative options that are essential to proper Workspace management.

Inviting New Members

Assuming you have already purchased your own subscription for this Workspace, it is now time to start inviting your colleagues. To do so, simply click on the "Invite Member" option in the top-right portion of your screen. If you have already purchased licenses for multiple individuals, this will be clearly notated beneath the "Invite Member" button. Either way, simply follow the steps below and you'll be on your way to collaborating with your colleagues!

  1. Upon clicking "Invite Member" you will have a new window popup that allows you to enter pertinent information regarding your invitees.
  2. Simply enter the email address associated with their magicplan account and a name (this field is optional) that will display for this user within the Workspace.
  3. After entering in all relevant information, simply hit "Continue".
  4. As mentioned above, if you already have an ample number of seats available to allocate, you will have to do nothing more other than inform your colleagues that a confirmation email has been sent their way.
  5. If you are purchasing new seats, you will be redirected to a form to either review or enter in Billing Information for your preferred payment method.
  6. Now you're done! You have officially invited additional team members to your Workspace and are that much closer to collaborating!

IMPORTANT INFO: Care to make adding new users to your Workspace even simpler? Let our Sales team take care of it for you. Simply send an email to with specifics about how many teammates you need to invite and what tier subscription you are and they will help you take care of everything!

Managing Your Teammates

Now you are ready to begin managing these teammates within the Cloud. As outlined in the video above, assigning Administrators, as needed, is an important function of magicplan Workspaces.

To accomplish this, you need to simply select "Edit" next to the user's name after they have accepted their Workspace invite. Here, you will have the option to provide this with Admin rights, as well as an option to remove this user from the Workspace, should you need to do so. Additionally, should you need to remove Admin rights, you can do this at any time in the same area.

Teams: What's the Difference?

A commonly asked question is "What is the difference between a Workspace and Team?". This is a great question and we're glad you've asked!

Suppose you are working for an international company that manages all their projects within magicplan. You have offices in the US and Canada, Europe, and Australia. A Workspace for all relevant teammates within the company is super practical. However, perhaps management wants granularity on a regional level. Teams allows you to accomplish this!

There is also another great use for Teams. Do you frequently use 3rd party contractors to outsource certain work on your projects? Do you want to collaborate with these contractors but have them manage the costs for a license? Use Teams to send out invites, contingent upon the recipient purchasing a subscription.

Other Useful Information

  1. You can also revoke seats for your Workspace within the "Billing" tab.
  2. ALL members of a Workspace or Team must be on the same tier subscription, whether Sketch, Report, or Estimate.
  3. Each Workspace you are a member of requires a separate license with magicplan.
  4. If you add additional licenses in the middle of a billing cycle, they will be prorated and aligned with your regularly scheduled renewal to avoid multiple transactions.

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