magicplan Cloud Mini-Series: Profile Settings, Workspace Statistics and Billing

In the second edition of the magicplan Cloud Mini-Series, we will cover Profile Settings, Workspace Statistics, and Billing. See below for more info!

Why are we doing a mini-series regarding the magicplan Cloud?

Before diving into the second video regarding the magicplan Cloud, we would like to provide some context as to why we are doing this. Version 9, released in June 2020, came packed with lots of exciting updates. One of these exciting updates happens to be the redesign of the magicplan Cloud, with an emphasis on Workspace/Team management. Below, you will find information regarding the second part of our mini-series that is dedicated to the Profile Settings, Workspace Statistics, and Billing sections of the magicplan Cloud. Enjoy!

magicplan Cloud: Profile Settings

This section contains a lot of information that is extremely pertinent to your account with magicplan. Whether you want to change your password, adjust the language you use in the cloud or simply contact our Support team regarding an issue, you can accomplish all of those things, and more, right here!

Your Account

  • Personal Data - This section allows you to adjust information related to your account, such as your full name, your email address and even the password you use to login.
  • Delete Account - Should you ever find yourself not using magicplan, you can delete your account from right here. Please note: If you have an active subscription or are a part of more than one workspace, you will have a message here that says to contact our Support team. Additionally, all delete requests are PERMANENT. Please consider the fact that we cannot recover your plans or account after this has been processed.
  • Connected Devices - You can access a general overview of all devices that have ever been used with your account.


  • Language - You can change the displayed language in the cloud from here. By default, English will be selected.


  • This will redirect you to our "Contact Us" template on our website where you can reach out to either Support or Sales.

Help Center

  • This will redirect you to our "Help Center" on our website that has a plethora of valuable resources for you to learn from.


  • Users can access our Terms & Conditions from this link.

Cookie Settings

  • Lastly, users can adjust the cookie settings they want to have active from right here.

magicplan Cloud: Workspace Statistics

This section is useful for those users out there that are working together with a large group of colleagues in a Workspace or Team within magicplan. For administrators, this section will provide a great glimpse into the recent projects and exports created and who has done what within magicplan.

magicplan Cloud: Billing

The final section discussed in this portion of the Mini-Series is the Billing tab. This portion is extremely important for administrators of large Workspaces and for DIY users alike. Here, you can access a lot of important information regarding your subscriptions and your Billing Information.

  • Your Licenses - Whether you have a team of 20 individuals all working together in magicplan or you're an individual user, here you can see the number of licenses you currently have with magicplan and which tier they are. Additionally, it will show you the cost associated with those licenses and if you have multiple, how many of them are still available for allocation.
  • Your Billing Address - As the title implies, this is where you can view the Billing Address you have listed and make any changes necessary, should your billing information ever change.
  • Payment Details - Similar to "Your Billing Address", this allows you a quick overview of your payment method and some basic information that can be edited as changes to your payment method occurs.
  • Manage Your Subscription - This portion allows you to access historical receipts for your subscription and cancel your subscription if you ever find yourself in that situation.
  • Manage Your Seats - At the very bottom, you will have a comprehensive overview of all the licenses that your account has purchased. If you need to revoke seats from specific users, this can be accomplished here.